Self Declaration

1. We hereby declare that we are a non-tuition charging (for foreign scholars) and CASE-TRUST exempted Christian educational and training institution of higher learning. All policies and procedures clearly stated in this website are a true and clear reflection of what we stand for.

2. The average teacher-student ratio is 1:3

3. The student redress and grievances procedures are clearly set forth

4. The full-time maximum student capacity is about 40 students, and the part-time varies from 50-200 students depending on the course being offered at that time.

5. There are five large class rooms, a student-cum-visitor lounge with pantry attached, a large library of over 15000 volumes, a large administrative section, president's office, Registrar's office, and Chairman/ CEO's office, and faculty offices.

6. We do not collect tuition fees from foreign students as they are all under sponsorship.