Admission Requirements in General:

Bethany International University (Singapore) welcomes all applicants who have:

- Evidence of New Birth and current spiritual vitality.

- Personal sense of God's leading into Missions.

- Sent by their church, denomination or Christian organization.

- Requisite academic qualifications, according to Program entered.

- willing to enter into a CASE-Trust contract as explained in the STUDENT'S HANDBOOK (For foreign Students)

Application Procedure and Registration:

To write in or call the Registrar to request for an appointment with her. She will be the best person to approach in clarifying any queries or doubts before you obtain the necessary application forms from her. Finally, she will be able to advise you on how to proceed in your application for studies in the school, as such.

Overseas Applicants:

Write in and submit to the Registrar all the relevant details and personal information of your personal life, working history and details and church or ministry involvement and others before an application form is sent to you. Enclose your recent photograph and your church denominational leader's approval and supporting documents or letters. The Registrar will present your completed application form to the Admissions Committee, and then let you know the outcome, as soon as the Academic and Admissions Committee have made their final prayerful decision.

Post-graduate Studies:

Any student who has attended Bethany International University, Singapore and now wishes to seek further training in the school must make fresh application by fulfilling the standard application requirements.

Transfer Students:

BIU welcomes the application of transfer students for missions studies from other institutions. The above mentioned Application Procedure and Registration applies. Under the existing policy the maximum allowable transfer credits from a recognized institution of higher learning are no more than 40%.

Trainer Candidate Qualifications:

BIU’s training and education is targeted to reach the unreached within the Greater 10/40 window nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Master's level training in Intercultural Education is for training of Trainer’s. It is a very intensive (two years) course and takes 96 credits to earn the M.A.I.E. degree. This requires physical and mental fitness as well. An important component in our TRAINER'S training is our specialized module called "MISSIONARY EDUCATION MODULE," after which the students write a thesis or project of a new missionary training school they will establish when they go back to their home countries to multiply disciples.

Trainers Training and Education is exclusively for male candidates only for starting new missionary training schools /colleges. Male Candidates with a proven record of possessing godly character are selected each year for our Master's level TRAINER'S education (we do not have hostel facility non-trainer or for female candidates, unless they are prepared to make their own arrangements for which the School is not responsible). A TRAINER candidate must have the following qualifications in order to qualify for admission as well as for the partial scholarship. He must:

1. Hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university and a degree/ Diploma in Bible and Theology.

2. Have at least five years ministry experience in full-time service related directly or indirectly to evangelism and church planting.

3. Be called to establish a missionary training centre to train fellow-nationals for evangelism and church planting or show evidence that upon his graduation he will be involved in missionary training of fellow nationals for a period of at least 5 years.

4. Demonstrate graduate level English proficiency through a TOEFL (550 score) or its equivalent (can be waived in some deserving cases).

5. Must have official sponsorship by the denomination with a letter signed by the denominational leader or a responsible officer of the Church to state that they give him the full support for the training in Singapore and facilitate the starting of a missionary training school when the candidate returns after his graduation.

Bethany International University is committed to train leaders from the two-thirds world for fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord. Because of BIU’s commitment to bless the nations by reaching the unreached with the love of God, BIU has made available faith scholarships for the training of the two-third's world leaders, BIU is willing to grant (not given in hand but applied directly) faith scholarships to cover this study. This scholarship is for the student only and not for the spouse/family support. This partial scholarship does not cover return airfares and non-tuition related expenses in Singapore. The student's home church is expected to help out.

Financial Information

Broadly, the costs are broken down as follows: Tuition - S$125 per credit (125 X 96 credits=l2,000) ($500 pm); Required Books - S$ 400 (for the entire course); Housing - S$400.00 (X 12 months = 4800); Living expenses - S$200.00 (X 12 months =2,400); local transport-S$150 (X 12 months=960) the monthly costs are about $1500; medical - S$200 (estimated for the year); medical insurance is provided by the school. All the costs are covered under a faith scholarship granted by the school.

Student Fees:

BIU’s focus is not on money as it is a faith missions School that hears God, lives by faith and trusts God for all its provision. BIU does not charge fees from all foreign students selected as Trainers. All students are invited on the faith of the school that models faith living. Faith and faithfulness is the key. The students do not live by faith during the training, but they live on the faith of the leadership of the School.

Students from within Singapore and other affluent nations are required to pay fees, unless they demonstrate they are unable to, but are allowed to come in by faith and return the blessing when God blesses them. In any case, anyone with a genuine calling to be a missionary is not denied training in BIU.


For students who are not on scholarship, if any refund is owed to the student in any way, then he/she can approach the Registrar to settle this matter, during the official working hours. The student can always seek the help of the Registrar to resolve any matters even in regards to financial, medical, personal or family matters. The Registrar will be able to facilitate your needs and refer you to the relevant people for further help, if the need arises.