A Typical Day at The Campus (Tuesday to Friday):  

8:45 am Personal Solitude  

9:00 am Morning Worship  

9:15 am Lecture  

11.00 am Tea-break  

11:20 am Spiritual Discipline  

12:10pm Lecture  

2:00 pm Lunch break  

3:00 pm Lecture  

4.00 pm Lecture  

5.00 pm Lecture  

6.00 pm Lecture

Facilities and Location

Bethany International University (Singapore) is presently located at 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, #04-05, 199588. Presently, the school facility consists of a campus of 5000 sq. ft. with five lecture rooms, admin office, faculty offices, chapel and a library. Also, there is a cosy lounge and pantry for students and faculty to have light refreshment and interaction during their tea-break, and birthday celebrations.


There is a library that houses over 15000 volumes, which has an adequate variety of missiological and Biblical reference and resource materials and useful books to provide help for students to do their research works. The library is fully air- conditioned. Some chairs and tables are available to enable the students to do their research work in the library itself. Books are signed out on a trust basis by the student since he/she realizes his/her role of being honest and reliable stewardship to God, in taking good and proper care of His provision of books and resource materials, as found in the school library. There is a small annual library membership fee.


Spiritual and Worship Life :

Students and staff start each day with a 15-minute praise and worship devotional time, where there is singing, worship and a time of devotion session led by a student. Spiritual Disciplines are help as follows:

Monday is set apart for prayer and fasting (Generally classes are not held on this day but it is not a day-off). 

Tuesday is set apart for prayer and intercession made for the nations and other needs.

Wednesday is set apart for students to practice Hearing God.

Thursday is set aside for mentoring the men's group and women's group in small groups led by a faculty member.

Friday there is a Chapel hour where praise and worship takes place and the Word is preached by a faculty member or a visiting preacher.

Student Government:

The Dean of students appoints a General Monitor who monitor’s the entire student activity in the School under the guidance of the Dean. Class monitor for each class are also appointed by the Dean at the start of each term, for the purpose to oversee the needs of the students and liase with the administration concerning any official matters and also to give assistance to the course lecturer. The general monitor is a direct assistant to the Dean of Students.


All students are advised to observe and abide by all the school's guidelines as laid down in the STUDENT’S HANDBOOK.

Student Publications:

Presently, there is no student publication in the school. Probably, this may be feasible in the near future, to cater for news and views amongst the students of past and present.

International Student Services:

This student's service for international students is presently handled by the school's Dean of Students. All needs and problems can be referred to the person in-charge.

Medical Care and Insurance:

Students are strongly recommended and advised to buy a special local student's medical insurance policy to ensure that their medical needs are taken care of in case they fall sick during their time in Singapore. The cost of medical treatment and hospitalisation are relatively expensive. Therefore, all foreign (Trainer’s) students are covered by an insurance plan under the Trainer’s scholarship plan.

Students Hostel:

Accommodation is available only for single male Trainer student’s at this moment. This housing privilege is given only to overseas Trainer students who are on scholarship. Cooking and laundry facilities are available at each unit of accommodation. Accommodation is available for non-Trainer male students also at a cost of S$300.00 per month per person. The cost of housing a couple with or without a child in one room unit in Singapore may cost S$2000-$2,500 per month. Should a male student prefer to bring his family along, they may write to the administration.


There is recreation facility within the school as well as in the student’s hostel. Every Friday evening is a time of reacreation for the students. Recreation facilities are available.

Ministry duties:

In order to inculcate humility and Servant-hood in the life of a student, ministry duties are assigned to every student on a daily basis ranging from washing of cups to washing of toilets.

Local Church Assignment:

Each student is assigned to a local church for ministry learning for the nurture of the local church. Every student is expected to carry out the church assignment with the local church as per the assignment made by the school. Hence, each student is advised to have no personal agenda in order to be available to carry out this task, whenever it is required