1. We hereby declare that we are a non-tuition charging (for foreign scholars) and CASE-TRUST exempted Christian educational and training institution of higher learning. All policies and procedures clearly stated in this website are a true and clear reflection of what we stand for.
2. The average teacher-student ratio is 1:3
3. The student redress and grievances procedures are clearly set forth
4. The full-time capacity for graduate level training is about 40 students, and the part-time evening class varies from 50-200 students depending on the course being offered at that time.
5. There are five large class rooms, a student-cum-visitor lounge with pantry attached, a large library of over 15000 volumes, a large administrative section, faculty offices, president's office, Registrar’s office, and Chairman/ CEO's office.
6. We do not collect tuition fees from foreign students as they all under sponsorship by APM-BIU.


“Although the beginnings were in the year 1988 the year 1993/1994 was nothing short of an "Acts 13” Experience! Asia Pacific Mission (Singapore) came into being under the leadership of the Holy Spirit incorporating Bethany School of Missions (now Bethany International University)  as its training arm with a vision of God’s love in the form of flames of fire going out throughout the greater 10/40 Window nations and beyond. Just like the leaders of the church in Antioch who came from very diverse backgrounds, APM-BSM leaders also came from diverse backgrounds. On a regular basis they spent considerable time in prayer and worship seeking the face of God. As a result of such waiting the Spirit of God led them into a tremendous Missiological and spiritual breakthrough to impact nations. In sending out Paul and Barnabas as the first commissioned missionaries of the New Testament Church, the foundations of the spread of the Gospel across the Roman Empire was the result.

Likewise, BIU’s leaders have come from very diverse backgrounds. We are from Singapore, India, Africa and USA. We are Chinese, Indian, African and Westerners. We come from Brethren, Methodist, Anglican, Independent, Pentecostal and Charismatic backgrounds. Yet we have enjoyed a wonderful sense of unity in the Spirit as we have been on our knees before God, seeking His direction for this vision. In a way similar to the experience of the Antioch leaders, we are conscious of Spirit-inspired missiological breakthrough taking place.

We have commented repeatedly, among ourselves, about the wonderful sense of the leading of God's Spirit, as we have worked on these programs. The prayerfulness, accountability, openness, vision-enlargement, hunger for the Spirit's leading, and fun-loving atmosphere have been an encouragement and refreshing to us all. This group has become our "cell group", as we have worked together for the purpose of the King!

Our intense burden and desire has been to discern the mind of the Spirit for Missions Multiplication across Asia, Latin America and Africa. The results include: a very improved Inter/Cross-Cultural Missionary Training Program; a freshly revised Non-Traditional Missionary Training program; and an exciting new Program for training Trainers of Missionaries!

We anticipated seeing thousands of disciples won in Restricted Access Nations, hundreds of churches planted among Unreached People Groups, and scores of Missionary Training Schools established across the "10/40 Window", each in turn multiplying many more workers to fulfill the Great Commission!
Prayer and Hearing the voice of God, has been foundational to every step forward. Even now, we invite new Intercessors to join us in praying into being this vision of Missions Multiplication across the "Window". Hearing the voice of God is a key element in the ethos of Bethany International University.

We exist to fulfill the Great Commission by serving in partnership with organizations God has brought into existence already and which are doing a wonderful work. We know that only as we allow Jesus to be Lord directing the program, as we are flexible to His leading, passion for the lost, as we serve others as part of His great harvest force which will we be fruitful and effective.

Hence, Bethany International University (Singapore) has the vision of facilitating, training and equipping men and women for fulfilling the Great Commission, especially Asians from Asia and Africans from Africa, and Latin and South Americans and others who are called to fulfill the Vision of bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Hope and Salvation to the unreached people groups of this world, who are yet to hear the Good News of the love of God.