Welcome in Jesus’ name to one of Asia, Africa, and Latin America’s premier centers of missionary training and education offering missiologically strategic, contextualized, and culturally sensitive training that continues to remain on the cutting-edge! The vision of Bethany International University (BIU) is to reach the unreached peoples of the world with the eternal love of God numbering over 3 billion. These are found mainly in the countries between the latitudes of 10 and 40 degrees north and south of the Equator, known missiologically as the “Greater 10/40 window” nations, an imaginary belt on the globe (also re-defined as the 5/55 Window). Our goal is to reach the unreached people’s found within the greater 10/40 Window nations, stretching from the Pacific through Asia and into Africa. The Philosophy of Bethany International University can be well understood in the following clusters of three’s:

3-Faceted Core Values:

1. Develop the ability to Hear and obeying the voice of God

2. Develop the ability to live by faith, and

3. Develop Christ-like character

3-Fold Philosophy:

1. KNOW (knowledge acquisition)

2. BE (being the man/woman of God with a deep passion to serve God)

3. DO (develop missionary skills competency

3-Pronged Strategy:

1. To produce Missionary Practitioners for cross-cultural and non-traditional missionary settings

2. Produce Trainers of Missionary Practitioners to multiply the process across the 10/40 window

3. Produce Tentmakers to multiply Disciples